This Shopping Network Makes Gift Giving a Total Breeze


Did you know October 5th is Do Something Nice Day? Nope? Neither did I until pretty recently. But TBH, when I heard about a day dedicated to doing something nice for a friend or loved one, I liked it immediately. Especially given the hard times we’ve been dealing with (how has it already been a year and seven months since the pandemic began?!), this day feels like just the kind of thing we should all be celebrating and enjoying now more than ever.

So as I start to refresh my closet for a new season (hello, autumn!), I’m keeping an eye out for cute and useful items that might be nice for others too. As a fashion editor, I’m fluent in the gift-gifting love language (*wink wink*), and shopping is the perfect way for me to show the people I care about that I’ve been thinking about them. Plus, who doesn’t love a little surprise every now and again?!

September has flown by, and Do Something Nice Day is coming in hot, so I’m making the most of my time with Bolt—a one-click shopping network that enables you to make quick and easy purchases at hundreds of your favorite online stores. Think of Bolt as a reallllly handy keychain, consolidating and safeguarding your information so you don’t have to worry about remembering (or misplacing!) all your different account passwords and typing in your information at every place you shop. Also, Bolt sends you exclusive promo codes and deals when you shop in their network. (Psst! They have some amazing deals going on now through October when you use the promo code Holiday2021.) How convenient is that?!

Once you know to look for Bolt’s little blue lightning bolt at checkout, it’s easy to spot their one-click shopping at a ton of stores you already know, love, and shop. I was recently browsing for some wedding things—I’ve been on the hunt for all things bridal since I got engaged—and stumbled upon a gorgeous Tadashi Shoji top that I can wear to bridal events. That is, once I finally have a venue and set a date (hey, the struggle of finding a dream venue in budget is real!). With Bolt, I was able to scoop up the last one in my size with just a click.

Thinking about wedding planning also inspired me to start looking for some early thank you gifts for my mom and sister, who have been so helpful and supportive this year. They love a good beauty gift, so I snagged the Osmotics award-winning firming cream and a hydrating, vegan body butter from Bliss for them. As the dry winter months come up, I might need to stock up on these two myself!

One other thing I’ve been trying to keep in mind as I think of ways to give back to the people I love? The holiday is called DO Something Nice Day—not BUY! There are plenty of ways to show appreciation for the people you care about without dropping a ton of money on a gift. Whether it’s just sending a thoughtful note or getting crafty in the kitchen, there are lots of good ideas out there (and no excuses not to participate!).

Personally, I’m planning on putting together a dinner with my partner for some of our friends. After all, what better gift is there than a home-cooked meal, and with your favorite people? And hey, if a few party-hosting essentials like oh say, these fun candle holders by Favor make it into my cart as a result, so be it!

I can’t wait to hear from my friends and family when they get their surprises! I’ve always enjoyed sending gifts to my loved ones randomly so you can bet I’ll be celebrating Do Something Nice Day from here on out. If you find shopping for others a challenge, check out Bolt this holiday to help streamline your purchases with peace of mind and just one click. Now go do something nice!

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