These Products Make It So Easy to Reapply Sunscreen Halfway Through the Day


person using face mist

Applying SPF at the start of the day isn’t enough—make sure you’re properly protecting your skin by adding an additional layer a few hours later.

In a world where skincare has become synonymous with self-care, most people understand the importance of applying sunscreen each and every morning to protect against free radicals and damaging UV rays. What many of us forget, however, is that in order for our sunscreen to live up to its fullest potential and actually protect our skin all day long, we need to reapply it every few hours (it’s not enough to apply as part of a morning routine alone). While this is a simple task for people who don’t wear makeup, for those who do, it presents quite the quandary. Fortunately for us, New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman is here to help.

According to Dr. Engelman, powders provide ample protection, making them the perfect option for mid-day reapplications for makeup wearers. “Sprays are easy and convenient, but [unless formulated specifically for facial touch-ups] you have to apply significantly more than you think to get anywhere close to the SPF on the bottle.” The same is true for makeup (think cream foundations and tinted moisturizers) infused with SPF. Unless the product is a sunscreen first and foremost, it’s unlikely that protection it provides once applied will be representative of what’s listed on the bottle.

We get it: Not knowing which products are actually protective enough to shield against afternoon rays can be a headache. To help you keep your complexion safe, we went ahead and scanned the skincare aisle and found several options, from powders to mists, to stow in your bag. Come that 2 p.m. walk around the block, you’ll be ready to reapply with complete confidence.


Allow us to introduce you to one of Dr. Engelman’s favorite brush-on sunscreens. “This 100 percent mineral sunscreen provides protection while still feeling lightweight,” she explains. “It is also oil-free, calming with niacinamides, and it’s tinted, so the powder easily blends in with makeup or your skin tone.”

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