The Top 5 Men’s Fashion Trends For Winter 2021


We’re looking at trends differently this season. What is the secret to looking stylish as it gets colder and as we’re still in the midst of a pandemic? The answer involves selecting pieces that are practical, comfortable and will make getting dressed feel good. Shearling outerwear to keep you warm, and lug soles to keep you in step as the ground freezes over. Bright graphic knits that are not only cozy but will be a much-needed optimistic talking point for your next video call. And fleece jackets because let’s face it: We fully support any clothing that stylishly emanates a cloud hug right about now.

The Trailblazer

After months of staying indoors, dressing for a hike (or a walk around the block) instantly feels like a breath of fresh air. Earth tones like forest green, dune, and charcoal can help to transport you to nature. Look for strong pieces like hiking boots, multi-pocketed pants and carabiner-accented accessories that are easily workable with other items you already have.

Coach Hybrid Pouch 8

Coach’s leather pouch is a perfect way to keep essentials organized in one place while stylishly clipping onto your belt or bag.

Carhartt Ripstop Relaxed Fit Double-Front Cargo Work Pant

These bad boys are made from abrasion-resistant fabric that is ideal for exploring on and off the trail.

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