The Tech Weekender: Top news from the world of technology this week


We take a peek into 2022 for what’s to come, check out Windows 11, put the HP Victus 16 through its paces, tell you the big 2021 tech buzzwords you should know about, tell you which stars are aboard the NFT wagon and show you how China manipulates social media

The world of technology, like all sectors, was significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic this year. However, as consumers began to adapt to new challenges, so did tech. Both Windows and Mac PCs gained momentum with the advent of new chips, smartphones got even better, software became even more seamless, and Artificial Intelligence got way smarter. But now that 2021 is drawing to a close, here is a look at some of the most anticipated consumer tech coming in 2022.

The upgrade path from Windows 10 to 11 is free, provided you own a legal copy of Windows 10 and, here’s the controversial part, provided you meet the system requirements. Despite that small little asterix, most of the one billion Windows 10 users are going to be transitioning to the latest version of Windows, either through mandatory administrator updates or just to keep up with what’s new. So the real question is should you transition now? Or should you wait till Microsoft releases more features down the line. Let’s find out.

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