The New Moon in Aries Is Telling You to Take Action


There’s something about spring that screams “just do it”—and the endless sea of guys wearing Nike on dating apps only reinforces the message. On April 11, the Sun and Moon are going to make an extremely heated conjunction at 10:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, forming a New Moon in Aries.

Given that the Sun is both a star and a hot glowing ball of gas, it’s important to make sure that our egos are in check for this New Moon. Aries energy is all about developing our individuality, which is the starting point of success. When the Moon—which influences our emotions and feelings—comes close to the Sun, it becomes easier to recognize what we desire and actively start idealistic pursuits. The best way to go about this is to write down all the great ideas you come up with, and just do them.

If you want to take a spontaneous day trip to another state, YOLO (just bring a mask). If you want to ask your crush out on a date, go for it. The worst thing you could do during this New Moon is to rob yourself of the opportunity to succeed. P.S.: This New Moon will be at 22 degrees, which means that what you do now will likely have long-term implications. What are you waiting for? Take action!

If you’ve been hesitating to pursue your dreams, this is a sign to charge forward. The New Moon may tap on a childhood wound that leads you to question your capabilities. When you push beyond fears of judgement and allow yourself to be seen, there are endless opportunities waiting for you—they’re yours for the taking.

There’s something brewing in the back of your mind, and if you’ve been trying to ignore it, don’t. During the New Moon in Aries, you’re being challenged to pay attention to any gut feelings that show up, especially regarding your career. If you’re feeling called to do something, you could find that this New Moon is the perfect time to take risks!

If opportunities aren’t being readily presented to you, this New Moon is going to give you the energy to go ahead and find them! Gemini placements make for an extremely intelligent individual—if you choose to believe that you’re one. Tap into your inner voice and take pride in your previous successes. They’re reminders of what you’re capable of.

All the work you’ve put towards manifesting successes in your career will begin to pay off with the New Moon! Aries is a cardinal sign, so you can expect this New Moon to help propel you towards the person you’d like to be. Try not to see your efforts as work—finding the f*ck in your labor will help you sustain yourself.

Prepared to be schooled. You’re no stranger to educating yourself, Leo—in fact, it’s your studious energy that enables your ability to shine. Take time to discuss ideas and concepts with those closest to you; you’ll be surprised by how this can help you present yourself to those around you.

You may find that your emotions lead you down a path of deepening understanding. This New Moon could very well be the time when previously hidden information becomes more publicly known, either by your own doing or someone else’s. Your ability to figure out how to adjust your life and who you should lean on will be helpful during this time.

Oh hay Libra, it looks like the New Moon is bringing exactly the energy you’ve needed for partnerships. Be prepared to spring towards collaborating closely with others and bridging connection between those closest towards you. Some of you may even find yourself thrown into a new romance!

This New Moon is a perfect time to sign up for a health-related class and add something new to your routine! With the Moon in Aries, you’ll have plenty of reason to get your body in gear and work out any frustrations you could be feeling. Plus, you never know who you’ll end up meeting, wink wink.

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Let your mind be open to endless possibilities with this New Moon. This is an ideal time to unwind with a creative project. Consider scrapbooking or vision boarding with a friend. You’ll be surprised to see how expressing your imagination can result in meaningful results. Don’t be scared to dream big and take creative risks; they will pay off for you in the long run.

If you can schedule your spring cleaning during the New Moon, you’ll find that the stars will be on your side! This New Moon is giving you exactly the burst you need to accomplish tasks within your household. Once your space is as you like it, consider purchasing a fun item to keep there. Opt for a treat that’ll spark joy and remind you of your passions.

Trust that you’ve given yourself enough time to read the room and learned what not to say. With this New Moon in Aries, you’re being called to express yourself authentically. Speaking up regarding creative projects could prove your worth as a thought leader. Don’t be scared to push back on ideas—you have the power to be an innovator.

Try not to give into the urge to impulsively treat yourself! There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself or celebrating your accomplishments, but this New Moon may activate the desire to spend in order to satisfy a childhood wound. Before you click “buy,” take some time to consider if a material item will satisfy your feelings.

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