The key to working happily at home

From converted barns and factories to stackable ateliers, what is the ultimate live-work space? Clare Dowdy talks to designers and creatives about their set-ups around the world.
Some designers and architects have had live-work set-ups for years. Their light-touch conversions of industrial spaces into aesthetic ateliers have long been an inspiration to others. “Conservation is a great starting point. Designers did it out of necessity, they couldn’t afford to knock it all down and start again,” says developer Simeon Anderson. Now that many of us are likely to continue working from home to some degree, what can we learn from these old hands? Because perching at the kitchen island or squatting in the spare bedroom ad infinitum isn’t the answer. There’s a risk that quality of lives (both home and work) will suffer. “This last year has been about making do,” says architect Richard Parr, “now it’s about creating a proper space.”

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