The Craziest New Year Decoration Ideas 2021


As you enter 2020, there are many decorative changes for those who want to change the atmosphere of your home and welcome them with a warm and pleasant New Year’s home decoration . Elegant and simple magnificent glass objects are very popular in the 2020 New Year’s decoration trends . These glass objects provide a stylish look both in tree decorations and on New Year’s tables. You can renew the atmosphere of your home from head to toe with a stylish and magnificent decoration along with linen tablecloths, illuminated mini-trees on the table, silver candle holders and New Year’s fragrance flowers .

By using red and green, which have been the traditional Christmas colors of Christmas decorations for years, you can decorate the pine tree, fireplace, mirror and doors with a cheerful and colorful look in your home and provide a wonderful decor without giving up the classic in New Year’s Eve celebrations. However, if you are looking for a different idea, you can use the Scandinavian style Christmas decorations that have been trendy in recent years. For the Scandinavian style , which integrates the snow and cold weather of the winter season in the most aesthetic way, you can choose white and silver colors with your Christmas tree or use a snow spray. You can prepare your dining table with candles, wood and minimal decorative objects.

As another different alternative, you can choose Chinese decoration traditions. China prefers blue and white colors and elegant and stylish ornaments for its New Year’s Eve celebrations. You can also benefit from Chinese traditions by being close to the Scandinavian style. You can welcome the new year with simple and stylish ornaments in blue, green and white colors.

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