‘The Braid Up’: 3 Best Box Braid Styles to Try Right TF Now


Now that you’re ready to try out your own box braids, scroll through these tips and tricks to help you achieve the style of your dreams:

1. Stretch out your extensions. With box braids, there’s really no length that’s too long, IMO. If you want to ensure that your extensions are as long as they can be, lightly stretch them out before braiding. Gently tug at the hair in small sections, then run a brush through the entire packet once you’re through.

2. Detangle your natural hair. Whether you’re prepping your natural hair for braids or wearing it out, this is a helpful step to master. Hands down the best detangling method is to work in small sections with a wide-tooth comb and leave-in conditioner. Spritz the product through your hair as you gently detangle.

3. Don’t forget the mousse. Once the actual braiding is finished, there’s one extra step that’ll keep your style in tip-top shape. Work a dollop of hair mousse through your braids from top to bottom. Then wrap your braids in a scarf and gently run a blow dryer over your head. Now you’ve got a fresh and shiny look with zero flyaways (you’re welcome).

4. Style your braids! One of the major pros of box braids is their versatility. You can wear them up, down, half up, wrapped…you get the idea. There are also tons of hair accessories out there that’ll add an extra oomph to your look. I mean, hair cuffs? Beads? Rings? The possibilities are endless, truly.

Hair: Kimberly Reid, Kamary Mingo, and Gloria of Magic Fingers Studio

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