The 6 Hottest Winter Nail Trends To Warm Up Your Cold Hands


As the seasons change, so does every single part of your beauty routine. Your skincare regimen adjusts to accommodate the colder climate, you shift your makeup looks from warm and glowy to more cooler tones and matte finishes, and of course, you switch up your nail colors to reflect the moody nature of the season. And while there are staples that you can revisit each and every year — like deep vampy tones, sparkles, and holiday-themed art — this year’s winter nail trends are even more fun. “Winter nail art designs don’t always have to be ‘winter wonderland,’ ‘dark shades,’ or ‘Christmas sparkle’,” says CND Education Ambassador Samantha Birkett-Leigh.

“In fact, in the salon, I very rarely get asked for typical winter designs. I have also seen a shift across social media during these last few years.”She continues, “Nail professionals and clients alike are much more up for something original, and seem to follow on trend fashion designers they are seeing during fashion week and in glossy magazines. They are taking inspiration from art galleries, pottery, and nature.”Below, take a look at a few of this year’s top nail trends, according to some of the most in-demand nail artists and educators in the industry.

1. Simple Chic: Neutrals With a Pop of Sparkle

“The new year often symbolizes new beginnings for many people,” says editorial and celebrity nail artist, Amy Le. “What better way to start off the new year with a clean, chic mani? I often opt for neutrals with pops of sparkle.” Le often utilizes negative space and clear Gel X extensions, as well as decals, foils, and loose glitters, to create layered and multidimensional art.

2. Skittles Mani: A Different Color or Design on Each Finger

“I expect to see a lot of [Skittle] manicures,” says nail artist, Katie Masters. “There is something so simple and fun about those manicures. Colors that make no sense together all on one hand somehow making sense… I mean, come on — I love it.” She continues, “It’s something I can’t stop doing on myself. It also challenges your brain a little bit to get a little weird with it and to not be afraid you’re doing it wrong. It’s a manicure style that is accessible to everyone inside and outside of the salon — no art background needed. Just play!” Le agrees that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, adding, “This style allows people to add a little more pizzazz to a standard one-color base manicure.” It’s nail art without the extra time in the chair!

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