The 5 Beauty Products ELLE Editors are Obsessed with This Week


Welcome to ELLE’s Empties, a weekly series where editors share the one beauty product that they are currently obsessed with in their rotation. First up, fluttery lashes, a clean and just-matte-enough powder, and a pillow that saved an editor from her TMJ.

“I like to match my mascara to my mood. Going for a no-makeup-makeup look? Glossier Lash Slick it is! Am I looking for the ultimate glam? Got to grab Pat McGrath mascara. Lately, I’ve been looking for the best of both worlds. Ultra-glam-but-make-it-quarantine is the vibe. Huda Beauty’s Legit Lashes is a dual-sided mascara that has a brush for volume and a brush for curl. I’ll alternate between each side building the perfect fluttery lashes. It’s also a nice inky black that makes my eyes pop. If you’re looking for that one mascara that can do it all, run don’t walk, and grab this one!” — Chloe Hall, Beauty Director

“This daily SPF meets the recommended level of protection, blends easily like a lotion, and has the slightest golden glow to it. Not only do I like how my skin looks with it on (I often skip makeup), but people always ask me what I’m using.” — Katie Becker, ELLE Magazine Beauty and Health Director

“Oily skin hive, assemble! As someone who gets greasy, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect powder to eliminate shine and give me that IRL filter finish. Enter: Kosas’s new face powder, which leaves my skin looking poreless and matte—but not too matte, you know? It leaves you with a healthy, skin-like glow. The sheer formula is buildable and super lightweight (like I’m not wearing makeup), plus, it’s vegan and clean.” — Ariana Yaptangco, Social Media and Beauty Editor

“I couldn’t tell you where my obsession with red lipstick came from, but this blue blood red lippy from Patrick Ta fills all my desires, and then some! If you’re a lover of reds or dark lips, like me, then you know that they can be difficult to put on. But this lip has so much pigment in one swipe that there was no need to over apply (I do recommend using the matching lip liner to avoid the color from bleeding). The formula is a creamy matte suede that leaves lips feeling nourished even if wearing all day! And look, all I’m saying is if I can blame my lipstick for why I’m always late I think I’ll get a pass because of how good this color is.” — Alexis Gaskin, Beauty Assistant

“If the last year were a person, it would be an evil orthodontist who cast a spell on my jaw, ratcheting up the tension week after week until I wake up unable to open my mouth. After a lot of research and reading reviews, I ordered this pillow. I was skeptical when I first opened the box (I mean, it looks like a giant memory foam maxi pad), but it’s saved me from countless headaches and seriously reduced my TMJ until I was able to get to a dermatologist to get some Botox in my masseter muscle (Hi, Dr. Murphy!). Place your head in one of the convex depressions—there are two different height options—and it aligns your spine and shoulders while preventing you from contracting your muscles and clenching up. Even without the Botox, I can’t live without this pillow.” — Margaux Anbouba, Associate Beauty Editor

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