The 21 Best Mother-Daughter Songs That’ll Get You Super Emotional


You and your mom probably already have some special songs you jam out to when you’re together. But what about the songs that are about mothers and daughters? Let us pack you a nice lunch of songs about loving your mom, fighting with your mom, becoming a mom of a daughter… all that sugar and spice. WARNING: If you are a daughter, you may feel compelled to call your mom up on the phone, Lady Bird style, after listening to some of these tunes. Like movies about daughters and their mothers, the emotions are big with these songs. As they should be.

Obvs, the Gilmore Girls theme is the #1 mother-daughter song AND it’s sung by Carole King and her own daughter. So, adorbs!


For when you and your mom need to unwind with show tunes and laugh about all the fights you had when you were a teen.

*Step touches*

Or the cover by The Chicks, if you prefer.

Honestly, any ABBA song that’s in Mamma Mia should count.

You knew there was gonna be a lot of country on this list, right?

Honestly, ’90s me was too busy vibing at the roller rink to ever realize that this song could be about mothers and daughters. My bad! (Technically it was inspired by the songwriter’s dad but…if you don’t tell, I won’t either.)

It’s also a perfect fall song… but it’s Taylor so like… duh!

Why stop at one daughter when you can have two?!

The “mama” in this song is kind of more like Mother Earth, but she’s protecting her daughter and it’s a bop…so add it to your playlist!

This might be an oddball pick, but The Parent Trap totally counts as a mother/daughter story.

So freakin’ cute!

Belt it out, you know you want to.

This song hits different for all the millennial moms out there.

The siblings you know from “If I Die Young” wrote this song about their mom and it’s deep.

Head’s up. This particular song is about a miscarriage — which is totally normal, but may be triggering if it pops up on shuffle, ya know? Amos actually recorded another song, “Promise,” with her real daughter Natashya Hawley.

Waitress should be right up there with Terms of Endearment when it comes to our top film picks, IMHO.


Caillat herself doesn’t have kids, but you don’t always have to write what you know.

Of course, we have to end with the Queen.

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