Step Inside a Monaco Duplex That Features Art Deco Elements and Sweeping Views


Monegasque interior architect Christophe Poyet and Parisian architect Emil Humbert are known for their cool take on elegance. So it’s no huge wonder that their namesake firm has been writing the book on comfortable glamour for the past 14 years. And though Humbert & Poyet have spearheaded projects from Dubai to Hong Kong to Mexico, this particularly special 8,600-square-foot duplex apartment is in their own backyard.

“This is a 19-floor building,” Humbert says of the Monaco structure, which is located at the center of town and features sea views. “We did the overall interiors for the entire place, the master plan including the spa, and specifically, this duplex for our clients.” Poyet chimes in: “We started this project from the very beginning…and we did the first studies maybe six years ago.” The interiors are all gleaming surfaces with precise attention to materials and comfort. The parking garage alone is a stunning exercise in contemporary design, while the duplex itself boasts impressive art.

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That’s thanks to the creative duo’s clients, who came with their own collection. To help highlight the works, Humbert and Poyet installed a majority of custom finishes, designing new patterns and moldings in the process. The result is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom interior that pays careful attention to the use of materials, wall treatments, and fittings. “Every apartment was in some way unique,” Humbert notes of the residential building at large. “But this one, the most unique of all.”

To further complement the clients’ art collection, designs such as one spectacular light fixture by the Bouroullec Brothers were installed. “We are most proud of the balance between our interior design and their collection,” Humbert says of the commission. “Everything works together…. The challenge was to make the place [feel] full of life within this modern building.”

Though the entire home is striking, Poyet can’t help but confess his own partialities: “My favorite [area] is the dining room because it is unique. The dark marble flooring gives a dramatic feel [when coupled with] the views of Monaco.” Bronze walls that change tones in the evening light only add to the breathtaking effect.

At the bottom of the staircase is a sculpture by German artist Carsten Höller. On the wall is a work by Mexican artist Gabriel Rico. The table is by Roger Capron, and the sofa is a Humbert & Poyet design with Pierre Frey fabric.

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