Slip-On Sneakers That are Comfy, Easy, and Actually Stylish


Anyone else hate tying their shoelaces?

Sneakers are a wardrobe staple—you can always find a pair suitable for every outfit and occasion. As sneaker lovers who are always seeking the next best pair, we’ve rounded up kicks in almost every category, from chunky “dad” sneaks to crisp, white sneakers. (For the ultimate guide, you’ll have to check out the best sneakers for 2020.) Now we’re here to tackle another category of kicks: your simple, no-hassle, get-up-and-go slip-on sneaker. This lace-free style comes in leather, prints, pastel colors, platform styles, and ranges in price from the super affordable to the super luxe. What we’re trying to say is that options for slip-on sneakers are endless, thus giving you many opportunities to find the perfect pair. Before you go searching on your own, we present to you some of our favorite slip-on sneaker styles below. Just add to your checkout cart.

Classic Slip-On

Once a Vans girl, always a Vans girl. If this statement describes you to a T, opt for a woven version of your favorite brand’s slip-on sneakers. The light color makes it ideal for summertime wear.

Cowhide Slip-On Sneakers

Tap into your animalistic side fashion-wise by sporting these cow print slip-on sneakers. The elastic gives the shoe a little flexibility as you slide your feet into it, while the white rubber sole makes this sneaker feel clean and streamlined.

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