Pinterest reveals the home decor trends that will shape 2021


From Japandi to kitchen shelfies…

Pinterest has revealed the biggest home decor trends that will shape 2021.

With more than 400 million people using Pinterest to find tomorrow’s ideas, the Pinterest Predicts report highlights emerging searches and the increase in searches year over year.

So, what are the key trends?

1. Having spent the best part of the year working from home, Pinterest reports a rise in specialised rooms, offering everything that open-plan spaces do not. This is as much to do with privacy as it is to do with creating double-duty rooms that serve special purposes.

2. Japandi was talked about at the start of 2020, and now as we head into 2021 it’s emerging as the biggest decor trend of all. It’s where Japanese design meets Scandanavian aesthetic, with sleek lines, neutral colour schemes and calming set-ups.

3. ‘Neon rooms will get the spotlight treatment — especially from Gen Z,’ says Pinterest. Here, bedrooms are being reinvented with bright, colour-drenched lighting for moody looks, all of which is achieved with LED lights.

4. And, shelfies are back. For 2021, ‘shelfies are the new gallery walls’, reveals Pinterest. Kitchen shelves will be the new favourite corner of the house, styled with eye-catching appliances, coloured glassware and handmade clay plates.

Get some visual inspiration with a full breakdown of the biggest home decor trends for 2021, plus explore some key trends in more detail where we’ve shared further insight.

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