New Video Reveals Apple’s Stunning iPhone 12


Apple’s iPhone SE may have launched recently (and could well be the most important iPhone that Apple sells in 2020) but for many in the geekerati their eyes will be looking towards September and the launch of the iPhone 12 family.

Taking on board the recent leaks, specs, and information around Apple’s next flagship iOS handsets, the teams at Let’s Go Digital and Concept Creator have put together our clearest look at the unreleased smartphone yet:

“All new smartphones will be powered by the new A14 Bionic processor, which is a 5 nanometer chip. Apple will also equip the entire series with an OLED display for the first time. The 120 Hertz ProMotion refresh rate will probably be found exclusively on the Pro models.

“The regular models will have a dual camera on the back, with the two Pro variants, 3 cameras and a LiDAR scanner will be integrated. The LiDAR scanner allows for depth measurements and was first introduced with the Apple iPad Pro 2020 , which was announced in March this year.”

The return to the square design first seen in the iPhone 4 is clearly on show. This will be the biggest visual departure from the current design. Thanks to the more efficient use of interval volume, the ‘square’ design should allow for a slightly thinner design due to economies of space. It will also act as a fashion statement – if there’s a new and obviously different iPhone on sale, the influencers of the world will need to be seen with it.

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