Megan Thee Stallion Debuts Second Grammys Dress at After-Party With Her Boyfriend Pardi Fontaine


In a sign that Hollywood is getting a little closer to pre-pandemic norms as vaccines are distributed, the Grammys weren’t completely without any post-ceremony celebrations. Megan Thee Stallion hosted a small after party at The Highlight Room, according to Page Six, which the outlet describes as “an 11,000-square-foot rooftop venue.”

Megan was photographed in a blue and white dress alongside her boyfriend, rapper Pardi Fontaine. Other guests, the outlet noted, included Taraji P. Henson and Usher. Beyoncé, Megan’s collaborator on “Savage,” was not at the celebration, as she had her own post-Grammys dinner.

Food at Megan’s party included “ginger honey glazed salmon, roasted chicken, chicken meatballs, charred broccoli, and kale and apple salads,” Page Six wrote. Megan also had a three-tiered yellow cake featuring lyrics from “Savage,” which she posted on her Instagram Story.

Megan had a big night at the Grammys, winning three out of the four categories in which she was nominated. When she won Best Rap Song at the Grammys with Beyoncé, Megan was joined on stage by Bey. And she dedicated the bulk of her speech to Beyoncé and the singer’s impact on Megan’s career.

“I have to keep thanking God because, without God, none of us would be here today,” Megan started. “I also want to say congratulations to everybody who was nominated because all of these songs were amazing. Music really helped a lot of us get through the pandemic. Like I said, shout out to everybody who was in here today because a lot of these songs really pushed us all the way through. I definitely want to say thank you to Beyoncé. If you know me, you have to know that ever since I was little I was like you know what, one day I’m going to grow up and I am going to be like the rap Beyoncé—that was definitely my goal. And I remember I went to the rodeo for the first time and I saw Destiny’s Child perform and I was like, ‘You know what? Yes, I’m about to go hard. I love her work ethic, I love the way she is, I love the way she carry herself.’ And my mama would always be like ‘Megan what would Beyoncé do?’ And I’m always like, you know what, ‘What would Beyoncé do, but let me make it a little ratchet.’ Thank you, Beyoncé for your encouraging words all the time.”

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