Makeup Artists Say These Are the Best Bronzers for Fair Skin, so I Tried Them


Take it from me, someone so pale I could give the vampires in Twilight a run for their money—the wrong bronzer can look downright weird on fair skin. I’m extremely pale, and bronzer has always been tricky for me. Some formulas read too orange, while others end up making me look like I rubbed dirt on my face.

The trick to finding a good bronzer is finding one that genuinely makes you look like you just got back from a sun-drenched vacation. It should also be easily blendable, so you can diffuse it on your face as if you were naturally sun-kissed.

After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found bronzers that I like on my own skin, but I decided to reach out to celebrity makeup artists Katey Denno and Fiona Stiles to find out which ones they recommend the most for people with fair skin. See below for makeup artists’ favorite bronzers for fair skin (and how a few of them look on!), plus some of my own favorites.

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