Let’s Get to Know ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Hunter Montgomery a Bit Better, Shall We?


Things I didn’t expect to see on my TV this year: A bunch of dudes sprinting around in wrestling outfits with cut-outs on their butts. Truly a haunting image, but also exactly what’s going down on The Bachelorette in an episode that is perhaps the most! dramatic! ever! due to one Hunter Montgomery. At least that’s what ABC wants us to think, since they gave Hunter a mini “villain edit” in a recent preview.

Based on said preview (watch it below), Hunter gets into some drama with Blake Moynes during Monday’s episode, and we see him say “I don’t wanna sound cocky, but you may see some aggressiveness.” The preview also makes it seem like Hunter rams into Blake and inadvertently injures him, which isn’t great—especially since medics showed up and everything. But as YouTube channel Bachelor Fan Take points out, if you watch the preview carefully, you’ll see Hunter wearing a rose in his lapel—indicating he actually won the group date! So yeah, there’s clearly more to his narrative than meets the eye. Either way, Hunter seems like a super nice and sweet person off-screen, and the time has come to get to know him better! Starting. Right. Now.

Hunter is a father of two, and opened up about his kids during Katie’s group therapy session with Nick Viall—explaining that he didn’t give his last relationship the attention it deserved.

Wow! Romance! According to ABC, Hunter (who’s a software strategist, FYI) “has always been a romantic and says that even as a child, he was known for writing incredible love letters and always being the guy to surprise his crushes with mix tapes or flowers.”

ABC says Hunter is looking “for a woman to be his other half—someone who is compassionate, witty, great at communicating, and above all, someone who could love his kids as much as he does. Hunter says that he will never stop believing in romance because ‘when you hit the mark, there really is no better feeling.’”

SPEAKING of communicating, Hunter was the one who asked previous villain edit-recipient Thomas if he wanted to be The Bachelor. In case ya missed the moment in question, here you go!

Hunter speaks openly about his recovery from addiction on Instagram, and recently celebrated 14 years of sobriety. He also spends a lot of time advocating for mental health and self care:

Love this duo!

And she couldn’t be more supportive of his time on The Bachelorette, at least judging from her amazing shirt:

Like, 64k followers popular! And the vibes are super positive:

This is a hard concept, and one I personally have to really work on!! #mentalhealth #loveyourself #happiness

#duet with @hmontgomery86 But really, you can’t control society. And there are a lot of hurt people out there, looking for company #positivity #love

Hunter recently did a 20 questions with Bachelor Nation, and some of his answers were pretty amusing. His biggest pet peeve? “When the toilet paper roll hangs down or over.” His most-watched movie? Happy Gilmore. The last thing he Googled? Best celebrity couples.

This is obviously very important so needed its own section. Tragically there are no pics, but here’s the other Zazu in our life:

Annnnd, that’s all for now! TBD on how far Hunter makes it on Katie’s season, but check out spoilers below if you’re curious.

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