Jennifer Lopez’s Rough Month: Cancels Tour Amid Shaky Sales And Rumors


Jennifer Lopez canceled her “This Is Me… Live” tour to spend more time with her family and children, she told fans in a statement, saying the decision was “necessary”—though the tour had been plagued by reports of low sales and multiple canceled dates.

Lopez said she was “heartsick and devastated” in a statement posted to her website Friday afternoon, telling fans she is “taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends” and that tickets would be refunded.

The tour had previously been marred by reports of poor ticket sales, with seven dates canceled earlier in March, reportedly citing a “logistical issue through the promoter.”

The cancellation comes amid a rough several months for Lopez, who has faced widespread speculation about the state of her marriage with Ben Affleck, and viral posts ridiculing her on social media.

The tour had also previously been rebranded from a promotional effort for her latest album, “This Is Me… Now”—which struggled to sell and only peaked at No. 38 on the Billboard 200—to a greatest hits tour spanning her entire catalog.

Lopez announced her tour, then titled “This Is Me… Now: The Tour,” in February, originally intended to support her latest album. But the album sold significantly less than her previous releases, selling just 14,000 copies in its debut week, just over a third of the 33,000 copies her previous album “A.K.A.” sold in 2014—which was her lowest sales week at the time. The new album was one part of a reportedly self-financed, $20 million effort that also included a film—“This Is Me… Now: A Love Story,” inspired by her relationship with Affleck—and a documentary. The trailer for the film went viral on social media because of its seemingly bizarre plot, though it was generally well received by critics with a 75% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Lopez’s tour was set to span 30 cities in North America between June and August and would have been her first headlining tour in five years.

Lopez has had a challenging month, with rumors swirling about the state of her marriage to Affleck, and social media users scrutinizing her past behavior. A years-old interview went viral in March in which she shared her bodega order she would purchase while growing up in the Bronx. “Ham and cheese on a roll with an orange drink — if you know you know — and a small bag of chips,” Lopez said, sparking confusion among social media users, particularly New Yorkers, who did not know what orange drink she was referring to. Lopez clarified in a Harper’s Bazaar interview this week that the orange drink “came in a little plastic container with a little bit of aluminum foil over it” and it “wasn’t called anything except orange drink or grape drink or whatever.” Some posts went viral on social media this week alleging tension between Lopez and her “Atlas” co-star Sterling K. Brown, including one interview clip where Brown says to Lopez: “You’re Puerto Rican? Get out of here,” and starts speaking Spanish while Lopez explains her “comfort meal” of rice and beans to the interviewer.

Lopez’s relationship with Affleck has been the subject of wide speculation in recent weeks as tabloid reports suggest their romance may be on the rocks. Less than two years after the couple married in July 2022 (and two decades after their first split in 2004), speculation grew following reports in May that the two were spotted together for the first time in six weeks, and that Lopez was seen looking for houses in Los Angeles without Affleck. Affleck also skipped the May 21 premiere of Lopez’s film “Atlas,” reportedly because he was filming “The Accountant 2.” Lopez shut down a reporter who asked about the state of her marriage at an “Atlas” press conference on May 22, telling him: “You know better than that.”

Lopez’s acting ventures have seen more success than her music lately: Her film “Atlas” debuted on top of last week’s Netflix chart with 28.2 million views in its first three days, one year after “The Mother” became one of Netflix’s all-time biggest hits (though critics reviewed both films poorly).

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