How To Apply Makeup On Eczema-Prone Skin


Makeup is all fun and games until you have an eczema flare up. Yes, that eye makeup look is beautiful and sure you do want your base makeup to be absolutely flawless, but if you don’t take into consideration how to apply makeup on eczema prone skin, you might have to deal with uncomfortable itchiness that is just not worth it. Eczema is a condition where certain areas of skin flare up and often show signs of dryness, redness and causes itchiness and skin flaking. So if you have eczema-prone skin, certain precuations need to be taken when it comes to applying makeup. After all, you should always put your skin first! These tips will help you navigate through the process.

Cool It Down

First and foremost always soothe your skin. Apply a cold compress to reduce inflammation. You can also try an oatmeal soak wherein you soak otameal in a bowl of water and then drench a clean gauze into the water and directly apply it on the skin.

Hypoallergenic Is Key

Make sure that any base makeup product you choose to use is hypoallergenic. It is specifically suited for those with sensitve or eczema-prone skin types. Fragrance-free is another good factor to look for in your makeup products as fragrances could irritate skin too.

Put Up A Barrier

Before starting with foundation and concealers, protect your skin by applying a thick barrier cream or a makeup primer. Petroleum jelly is one amazing barrier product that will lock in moisture so that your skin doesn’t get dry and it also protects the skin from the makeup. Hydrating primers are also a great option.

Cream Is The Answer

Avoid powders and turn to cream-based products instead. Powder will only dry up your skin and make it prone to an eczema flare up. Choose cream foundations over powder or even liquid ones as they eventually dry up to set into the skin. Even for your highlight and contour, try a cream-based stick highlighter and bronzer instead of powder formats. Cream formulas are balmy and don’t dry up the skin.

Finger Blending

Try using your fingers instead of makeup brushes and sponge tools. Brushes and sponges tend to cause friction and can irritate eczema-prone skin. Patting on base makeup with your fingers will give you much better results and if you like you can very lightly tap a brush or sponge for a light blending effect.

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