How This L.A. Homeowner Is Using TikTok to Sell Her Over $5 Million Home


Pet videos and dance challenges aren’t the only things going viral on TikTok. There’s a huge market for home tours, and Los Angeles homeowner Julie Stevens is taking full advantage of the platform’s influence.

According to, Stevens bought the home in 2006 for $2.8 million, and since then, she redesigned it increasing the value to a listing price of $5.8 million. Unfortunately, the road to selling hasn’t been easy, and the home ended up dropping in price to $5.5 million in September, causing Stevens to take it off the market.

The staircase is a focal point of the home.

She’s bringing it back this Friday, April 9, with the TikTok-driven sales strategy at the new starting price of $5.3 million. Through this approach, she and real estate agent Rochelle Maize of Nourmand & Associates have deemed her home a TikToker’s paradise and named it Hype House West, which rivals the member-only homes in L.A. where TikTokers reportedly live rent-free to create content.

“Marketing Hype House West to TikTokers gives the property a new and younger definition,” Maize tells AD, “ultimately changing the demographic of the potential buyers looking at the property. It has also created a media frenzy with interest and requests from influencers. The media attention has also been very strong, adding lots of interest as well. Hype House West has not even hit the market yet and we already have a waiting list of buyers who want to tour it!”

The pool area features a water slide.

During the month of April, TikTok influencers will get the chance to apply to create videos in the amenity-filled home for free as long as they tag Stevens and Maize. From a two-floor pool slide to a decked-out recording studio, a unicorn bedroom, and much more, the content opportunities are endless.

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So far, the house has received 15 applications from influencers and one soon-to-revealed TikToker already has a video ready to go. “We are hoping to sell to someone who will appreciate all of the different creative components of the house,” Maize adds. “Whether that’s a group of TikTokers or a family with young children, Hype House West is the perfect home for a wide audience and appeals to a variety of buyers.”

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