HomeKit smart plug & garage door roundup, Twinkly lights, Aqara G3 on HomeKit Insider


On the latest episode of the HomeKit Insider podcast, your hosts discuss Twinkly’s newfound HomeKit support, the Aqara G3 Hub, and we roundup our favorite smart plugs and garage door openers.

Twinkly, making of various holiday lighting products, has just updated their devices via new firmware to bring native HomeKit support. This includes various styles such as standard light strands, curtain lights, flexible strips, and bundles of lights. All just in time for the holidays.

Aqara also announced its new device, the Aqara G3 Hub, is available in the US. This camera/hub combo supports 360-degree video via the Aqara app. If you choose not to use the Aqara app, you can use HomeKit Secure Video with recordings saved directly to iCloud.

In the world of apps, we previewed an upcoming app that allows you to create custom HomeKit widgets to control your home.

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