Herman Miller Just Dropped a Special Edition of its Aeron Chair—for Gamers


From the release of new consoles and franchises to a headline-making array of tech, the gaming market is white-hot. And Herman Miller’s latest launch hopes to be every gamer’s seat of choice while he or she indulges in digital pursuits.

A riff on the famous Aeron chair, this new edition doesn’t really look all that different from the classic original—and that’s the point. It maintains the notoriously comfortable, science-backed ergonomic design––a necessity when seated for long stretches of time––but adds a handful of intelligent tweaks that’ll make gameplay that much more enjoyable.

To keep every player as engaged as possible, its pitch has a slight forward angle to encourage good posture and offer maximum anatomical support. The entire piece has a matte black finish to optimally blend into a variety of different decors and setups while the mesh-like seat and back (covered in the material the brand calls Pellicle) create ideal air circulation so excess heat and water vapor evaporate away.

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