Here Are All The Heat Records Broken In This Week’s Heat Wave—With More Expected This Weekend


An early summer heat wave tore through the Midwest and Northeast this week, cooking major cities under a so-called heat dome that broke daily temperature records from Chicago to Boston, as forecasters warn more high temperature records could fall over the weekend.

June 21Bangor (96 degrees) and Portland, Maine (94) set new daily record high temperatures, according to the National Weather Service, while in the Southwest, Phoenix tied its daily record high at a whopping 117 degrees.

June 20Hartford, Connecticut, set a daily high temperature record of 98, according to the NWS, as a heat wave doggedly hovered over New England, also setting a new daily record in Portland, Maine at 94 degrees.

June 19Daily temperature records fell across New England, including in Boston (98), Hartford, Connecticut (97), Worcester, Massachusetts (91), and Providence, Rhode Island (91), while in New York, Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse all tied their daily records (90, 94 and 95, respectively), and Cleveland tied a record at 92.

June 18Manchester, New Hampshire, broke its daily record at 97 degrees, as did Scranton, Pennsylvania (94), according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—meanwhile Chicago tied a daily record at 95.

June 17Chicago hit a new daily heat record with temperatures rising to 97 degrees, while Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Milwaukee all tied their records at 93, 93 and 94 degrees, respectively, Cleveland broke its record (96) Syracuse, New York, broke a daily record (94), Louisville, Kentucky, broke a record (96), and in Toledo, Ohio, residents saw a new daily record of 99 degrees—Fort Lauderdale, Florida, also tied its record (92), as did McAllen, Texas, at 101.

June 16Tampa, Florida, tied its daily record high of 98, while Huntsville, Alabama, tied its record (98), Brownsville, Texas, tied a record (99), and Corpus Christi, Texas, broke its record (98).

June 15New Orleans tied its daily record of 97 degrees, while Pensacola, Florida, broke its daily record at a sweltering 98.

June 14McAllen, Texas, tied its daily record of 103 degrees, while New Orleans broke its record at 96.

June 13El Paso, Texas, broke a daily temperature record with a high of 109 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, while Colorado Springs set a daily record of 96, Boulder, Colorado, set a new daily record at 99, Albuquerque broke its record at 101—and in Texas, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen and El Paso all set new daily records at 98, 99, 104 and 109, respectively.

June 12Tucson, Arizona, broke its daily record of 108 degrees, while Provo, Utah, broke its daily record at 100, as did Fort Collins, Colorado (97), and Brownsville, Texas (99), while Reno, Nevada, tied its daily record at 99.

June 11San Juan, Puerto Rico, tied a daily record max temperature at 93 degrees, and in Florida, Jacksonville tied its daily record of 98, while Flagstaff, Arizona, tied a daily record of its own, at 88.

June 10Fort Lauderdale, Florida, set its latest daily high at 94 degrees, while Orlando tied its daily record (97).

June 9For the third straight day, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, Florida, broke daily heat records, with the high temperature reaching 96 degrees in Fort Lauderdale and 102 up the Atlantic Coast in Jacksonville—meanwhile, Orlando (98) and Miami (94) tied their daily heat records.

June 8Fort Lauderdale, Florida, set a new daily record at 96 degrees as a heat wave dragged on through the South, also setting daily records in Orlando (98), Jacksonville, Florida, (99), New Orleans (96), and Baton Rouge, Louisiana (98).

June 7Las Vegas broke another daily record 15 110 degrees, while Albuquerque’s temperature soared to 113 degrees, a daily high tying the city’s all-time record, and in Florida, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville broke their daily records at 95 and 100 degrees, respectively, with Orlando tying a record at 96, and Mobile, Alabama, breaking its all-time daily high at 98.

June 6Las Vegas broke its previous record daily high, hitting 111 degrees according to the National Weather Service, and it also tied the record for the earliest day above 110 degrees, while Death Valley, California—one of the hottest places on Earth—recorded a new daily high at 122 degrees, Phoenix broke its daily record high when it hit 113 degrees and Fresno, California, broke a daily record at 107 degrees.

June 4For the third straight day, Tampa broke a daily heat record, peaking at 98 degrees, while San Antonio, Texas, saw a daily record of 103, and Brownsville, Texas, hit a daily record (99).

June 3Tampa broke a daily record high for the second straight day (94 degrees), while some cities in New England also broke records, including New Haven, Connecticut (83), and Manchester, New Hampshire (86).

June 2Tampa broke another daily heat record, at 96 degrees, while records continued to fall in Texas, with Brownsville breaking its daily record at 99 and Corpus Christi tying its daily record (96).

June 1Fort Lauderdale, Florida, broke its daily record high at 98 degrees, while Key West tied a record at 90.

May 31Las Vegas, Nevada, tied its daily record high temperature of 104 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, which warns residents to prepare for “dangerous” heat early next week.

May 31San Juan, Puerto Rico, broke its previous daily high of 93 degrees, recording a daily high at 94 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

May 30Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, Florida, both broke daily high temperatures, at 96 and 100 degrees, respectively, while Orlando tied its daily record of 96.

May 29Tampa set a new daily record at 97 degrees, while Orlando set a new record (97 degrees), Fort Lauderdale broke its daily record (96), while Miami (94) and Key West (92) tied their daily records.

May 29New Orleans also broke a daily record with a high of 94 degrees, while in Texas, McAllen set its latest record at 101 degrees—its sixth consecutive daily record temperature.

May 28Fort Lauderdale, Florida, broke its daily heat record by four degrees, with temperatures peaking at 95 degrees.

May 28New Orleans tied its all-time daily record for May 28 at 96 degrees, while multiple cities in Texas broke their daily records, with Brownsville hitting a high of 100, Corpus Christi maxing out at 96 and McAllen hitting its fifth straight daily record high at a blistering 102 degrees.

May 27McAllen, Texas, saw its fourth consecutive new daily record with a high of 101 degrees, while in Florida, Fort Lauderdale set a record for the city at 99 degrees.

May 26Daily temperature records fell across south Florida on Sunday, including in Miami (96 degrees), Fort Lauderdale (96 degrees) and West Palm Beach (95 degrees), with each city breaking its old daily high by two degrees.

May 26Brownsville, Texas, tied its latest in a string of daily records at 98 degrees on Sunday, making it the hottest daily high since 1928, while McAllen, Texas, set a daily high at 103 degrees, and Dallas set a new daily record at 98 degrees.

May 25A handful of Texas cities saw new daily heat records as the heat wave continued, including McAllen (100) and Brownsville (99), while Fort Worth tied its daily record, at 95 degrees.

May 25Across the South, Texarkana, Arkansas, also tied its daily record (93), while Baton Rouge, Louisiana, set a new daily high (95).

May 24Del Rio, Texas, tied its daily and monthly record temperature at 109 degrees on Friday, before topping its monthly record again at a high of 112 degrees on Sunday, the third hottest day ever recorded in the south Texas city, according to the National Weather Service.

May 24The cities of Brownsville and McAllen, Texas—on the Mexican border—both set daily records at 100 and 102 degrees, respectively.

May 24Pittsburgh tied its daily record, with an 84 degree reading at the Pittsburgh Allegheny County Airport.

Records could keep falling throughout the country this weekend as AccuWeather forecasters warn of excessive heat reaching 90 and in some cases upwards of 100 degrees. Forecasters with The Weather Channel predict records could fall in the New England, the Great Lakes and the mid-Atlantic, where temperatures are expected to hit 100 degrees in some areas as the heat dome shifts over the Eastern U.S., trapping hot and dry air over an area for days.

Forecasters also believe excessive heat will also drive up the number of named tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic this year. Last week, meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted the upcoming 2024 season will bring a record 17 to 25 named storms, including up to 13 hurricanes, with four to seven of those intensifying into category 3 hurricanes (maximum sustained wind speeds of 111 mph or greater). If that prediction holds up, it would far outpace the yearly average of just over 14 named storms observed over the past 30 years, and potentially outnumber the busy 2023 season, which brought 19 named storms and seven hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season officially started on June 1.

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