Give Your Hair the Gift of a Gentler Shampoo


Give your hair the gift of a gentler cleanse.

Sooner or later, everything in beauty gets a bad rap (sorry, parabens, makeup wipes, and chunky early-aughts highlights).And sometimes that’s unfair—but sometimes, like with sulfate-filled shampoos, there’s reason to be apprehensive. A refresher: Sulfates are detergents—the same kind found in dish soap—that strip the moisture from your hair and can leave it brittle, faded, tangled, and, yes, even oilier.

And yet, they’re are still found in the majority of shampoos (go check how many of your hair products have sodium lauryl sulfate in the ingredients list). Before there were more elegant and gentle cleansers, sulfates were a go-to for stripping away all manner of grime, oil, dirt, and debris. But now chemistry has advanced and it’s the shampoo equivalent of using an anvil to place a thumbtack. Sulfates can contribute to dull hair, frizzy texture, and split ends, among other hair woes.

Which brings me to: May I suggest trying one of my favorite sulfate-free shampoos, below? They contain all of the good, hair-hugging ingredients you want, without any of the damaging ingredients your hair doesn’t. And yes, I promise they’ll still get your hair really, really clean.

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