Apple Watch Series 6 Quick Review: One Good Reason To Buy


The average consumer probably won’t notice any difference between the Series 5 or Series 6. And many may not see anything different from the Series 3 or 4 to the Series 6.

There are differences, however. After upgrading from the Series 4 and using the Series 6 for almost a week, here’s what I notice:

Always-on display / brighter on Series 6: always-on is the biggest noticeable difference from the Series 4 and anything earlier. Suffice to say, if you have an always-on-display, you never want to go back to a dark screen. And it’s much more responsive — in switching to bright mode — when you move your wrist to look at your watch.

And there’s even a difference here with the Series 5: Series 6 is up to 2.5 times brighter than Apple Watch Series 5 outdoors when the user’s wrist is down, “making it much easier to see a watch face in bright sunlight,” Apple says.

Faster MacBook unlock: I use my watch to unlock my MacBook Pro. It seems to unlock faster with the Series 6. The Series 4 occasionally wouldn’t unlock my MacBook and there was often a slight delay. The Series 6 so far doesn’t have any of those shortcomings and is instantaneous.

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