9 Cute Airport Outfit Ideas to Browse After You Finally Booked That Trip


Traveling is picking back up again now for those who are fully vaccinated, but just make sure you’re following the CDC guidelines wherever you’re going and to still wear a mask where it’s required! If you do have a trip on the horizon, we’ve rounded up a bunch of cute airport outfits that’ll have you feeling comfortable and stylish for any short or lengthy travels ahead. And you don’t necessarily have to get on a plane to wear ’em—ever heard of a train, bus, or car, perhaps? These looks work for any and all modes of transportation.

Even if you don’t have something planned, you can still daydream that you *are* headed somewhere bougie by looking at all these chic travel ‘fits. Whether you’re in need of some fashion inspiration (or a lil distraction from, you know, life in general), check out a few of the cutest airport outfit ideas, below.

What’s the easiest way to make joggers look sophisticated? Throw a blazer on top and tuck in your tee.

An off-the-shoulder blouse that has long sleeves will sorta keep ya warm while showing a little skin. Anchor the look with comfy paperbag pants and clear sandals if you’re feeling fancy.

Bring a pair of basic jeans to life with a metallic leather jacket, fun graphic shirt, and trendy snake boots.

Grab a matching set to keep in your closet for those days when you’re running late. Again, python boots pretty much go with everything and will set the entire look off.

Camo is another classic that you can always rely on. Here, it makes sweatpants and a sweatshirt look extra cute, especially with those cool Nikes.

An All-White Look

If you aren’t a messy eater, you cool stroll through the airport in an all-white look accented with black accessories and comfy espadrilles.

The monochrome trend makes dressing for the travel Instagram pic easy. And cargo pants give you a safe and easy-to-reach place to keep your passport.

To make sure you don’t freeze on that flight, bring that teddy bear coat with you. It’ll also elevate your tie-dye shirt and distressed jeans.

Rompers are the perfect one-and-done situation. That way you’ll have time to pick out some fun accessories, like a bucket hat, tinted sunglasses, and velcro sandals.

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