9 best new iOS 14 hidden features we found for your iPhone


Apple’s brand-new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for the iPhone ($699 at Amazon) and iPad ($284 at Back Market) adds some fancy new features like widgets on the homescreen, an app drawer of sorts and privacy improvements. (Here’s how to install iOS 14 and iPad 14 right now, after prepping your phone or tablet, of course.)

All of those features are welcomed enhancements, but my favorite tricks in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are the ones you have to work to find. For instance, you can now fully ditch Apple Mail and Safari with a new default apps setting.

Below, I’ll walk you through how to use nine of the best hidden features I uncovered in iOS 14. This list will surely continue to grow, so check back for more gems.

Set your default email or web browser
It’s true, Apple is finally giving up some control over your default apps. Right now the feature is limited to email apps and web browsers. So, for example, you can assign Chrome to be your go-to browser or Outlook as your email app of choice.

App developers will need to update their apps for iOS 14 in order for the new default assignment option to appear, so you may need to be patient if your favorite app isn’t ready.

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