5 New Fashion Trends for 2021, Says a Fashion Director


We recently highlighted some of the key trends that will enter the sartorial spotlight in the coming months. Well, we thought it could be fun to expand on the list with insights from another fashion person as well. That’s right—we tapped Bloomingdale’s Women’s RTW Fashion Director, Arielle Siboni, to share the trends she thinks we’ll all want to wear next year. Her point of view is particularly intriguing to us given that it’s her literal job to identify trends and guide fashion direction for one of the largest department stores out there.

The trends she’s into run the gamut, but all share similar qualities in that they’re all extremely wearable and could be mixed and matched to work within a range of wardrobes. We’re talking about everything from cozy pieces to wear at home to chic footwear styles that could become go-to’s. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the looks Siboni is loving, complete with visual inspiration from various fashion people. And don’t worry—you don’t have to wait until 2021 to shop the trends. We’re also highlighting inspired picks throughout that are available right now.

1. Knit Sportswear

“I could go on and on about knit sportswear. It has been a huge trend at Bloomingdale’s this fall and we don’t see any signs of it slowing down in 2021. Personally, I love a matching knit set, specifically wearing a tank, cardigan, and knit pants together. What’s great about knit pieces is that they work just as well in a set as they do on their own.” — Siboni

2. Light-Wash Denim

“​For someone who has been wearing mostly sweatpants, there are a lot of denim trends I’ll be trying out for spring. Lighter washes, looser fits, and elastic waists will be popular as we all want denim we can easily move in.”

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