5 ‘Hocus Pocus’ Makeup Looks You’ll Definitely Want to Try for Halloween


Hello, hi, and welcome to your daily reminder that Halloween will be here way sooner than you think. Like, yes, it’s fully summer right now, and your plans for October 31 are definitely nonexistent, but if you want to save yourself the panic of putting together a costume at the very-last minute, it’s not a bad idea to start mapping out your look now. Now, IDK if it’s the fact that Hocus Pocus 2 (!) is officially happening, or if it’s just my need for ’90s nostalgia, but this year, I’m 100 percent going as a Sanderson sister.

And to get you on my level, I went ahead and rounded up the five coolest Hocus Pocus makeup looks—along with the exact products you’ll need to recreate them—that’ll immediately get you in the mood for Halloween. Grab your black eyeliner and buckle in.

TBH, there’s hardly a more recognizable Hocus Pocus makeup look than Winifred Sanderson. The heart-shaped lipstick, the barely-there brows, the intense blush—I mean, what’s not to love? Make sure you’re equipped with the perfect lipstick (and a fine-tip brush) before you attempt this tutorial from YouTuber Kat Sketch. P.S., Sketch also suggests prepping your lips with a layer of concealer before going in with your color—it’ll help mask your natural lip shape.

My personal favorite option when it comes to Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes? Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Sarah Sanderson, who wears a heavy smokey eye, strong brows, and a classic red lip. It’s basically the perfect costume if you’re trying to look cute without spending eight hours on your makeup, and YouTuber Victoria Lyn breaks it all down in the video above. Don’t forget to stock up on black eyeshadow, k? You’ll want something super pigmented and easy to build, like one of these:

Mary Sanderson’s makeup is definitely the most understated of the bunch, but when you combine it with her classic curly updo, you can’t really go wrong. This tutorial from Jessica Rose not only walks you through creating the perfect Mary-esque lips, brows, and eyes, but also the hair to match (which, spoiler alert, is made possible with a paper cup). Grab a lip liner before you get started on this one—it’ll help you get some nice definition.

Not feeling the Sanderson sisters this Halloween? No problem, you’ve still got a pretty excellent Hocus Pocus option: Billy Butcherson. It’s the perfect excuse to go all out with some zombie makeup—and it’s up to you how scary or mild you want to play it. This tutorial from Pinkstylist definitely requires some skill (and, uh, patience) to recreate, but if you’re down to take your time with it, grab a face paint palette and really make it your own.

One of the coolest things about trying a Hocus Pocus makeup idea is that you can really customize your look. Exhibit A: This absolutely glam version of Winnie Sanderson from YouTuber Kenziemacbrown. Throw in some gold eyeshadow, warm highlighter, and pink blush and you’ll be left with a seriously cute look. And, hey, don’t sleep on the wig—it’s kinda crucial to becoming a Sanderson sister.

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