5 Fashion Trends That Have Made A Comeback


If the pandemic brought anything good to our lives, it has to be the spirit of nostalgia. A tough time for people across the world saw everyone seeking comfort in treasures from the past, be it in the form of fashion, music or movies. And there seems to be no turning back. Here are 5 of the hottest current trends you need to know about.

1. Acrylic Rings

Remember plastic rings from the ’90s that used to be every child’s ultimate fashion accessory at the time? Yes, those have made their way back into our lives and onto our fingers. While it might seem childish at first, the trend grows onto you, especially seeing pop-icons such as Dua Lipa obsessing over them. Time to bring a little fun back to our jewellery trunk!

2. Cropped Cardigans

A style statement from the ’90s, cropped cardigans have made a comeback in the fashion scene. These shrunken knits have emerged in variations—peek-a-boo fronts, single button-ups, cropped shrugs and oversized versions. These staples have a stamp of approval from some of our favourite celebrities, and we’re simply obsessed!

3. Baseball Caps

Popularised by the likes of Princess Diana as a fashion staple in the ’80s, the baseball cap has re-entered the fashion domain as a chic staple. Being affordable, versatile and easily available, the trend is perfect for putting together a well thought ‘effortless’ look. Be it a stroll in the park, grocery run or a casual outing—baseball caps add personality to your outfit. Also, you don’t really have to worry about your hair. What’s not to like?!

4. Beaded Phone Charms

Phones today are like an extended limb and have the function and utility they did not have back in the day. They’ve become a part of our outfits, making tech accessories extremely popular—be it phone cases, pop-sockets, wallets, etc. The latest trend of such arm candies has resurged from the 2000s, in the form of elevated beaded phone charms, bringing joy back to our tech!

5. Mini Shoulder Bags

An ongoing trend emerged post-pandemic, shoulder bags are here to stay. This ’90s style adds character and can be carried with almost any outfit—dresses, baggy denim, workout fits, sneakers, heels, and more. The bag’s versatility made it a closet staple and has been widely accepted by designers, celebrities, influencers and us, fashion enthusiasts!

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