35 Beauty Products On Amazon That Work So Well, Nobody Would Know They’re Cheap AF


If you’re used to opening your bathroom cabinet or drawer and sighing upon seeing the tired collection of beauty products that have long lost their luster (and functionality), it’s time to make some changes. Toss out that mascara that has now transformed into a hardened goop reminiscent of magma and get ready to stock your collection with affordable products that really work. On this list you’ll find 35 beauty products on Amazon that work so well, nobody would know they’re cheap AF.

Searching for something restorative and soothing to the skin? I’ve got you covered with products like a skin serum that contains brightening vitamin C, a multi-tasking marula oil that can be used to nourish and hydrate your skin and hair, or a highly rated body cream that moisturizes for up to 48 hours. Best of all: all of these products cost $20 or less. Or maybe you’re looking to refresh your makeup collection. You don’t have to spend a fortune for defined brows or a blendable cream blush that gives you major glow-from-within outcomes (even if you’ve barely slept and do not feel your usual glowy self).

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