23 Sites That’ll Let You Score Home Decor on a Budget


Everyone loves freshening things up in their home—until you go to check out and see just how much your small bedroom redesign is actually going to cost. But you don’t have to drain your bank account (or rip up your vision board altogether) to make it all happen. You just have to know where to find the best deals. Often, you can find similar items and styles at more budget-friendly stores and gently-used furniture stores if you’re willing to do some serious browsing. Some stores even carry the more expensive brands you already love at a deep discount. And there are plenty of brands you may have never heard of that carry affordable, quality pieces you’ll love.

These sites are about to become your go-tos for cheap but quality, on-trend home decor. From the stores you likely already frequent (Wayfair and Amazon) to the brands you didn’t even know carried home items in the first place (hello, H&M and Nordstrom), here’s where you can score amazing deals on the stylish home decor you’ve been dreaming of. Finally, HomeGoods is included as a destination for online shopping! Consider this permission to rethink your small space and shop big, for less.