17 Best Eyelash Curlers for Longer, Fuller-Looking Lashes


If you’re wondering what the difference is between straight, limp lashes, and voluminous, lifted lashes, it’s an eyelash curler (and, fine, maybe some excellent DNA, but hey). A good eyelash curler can make even the straightest lashes bend up and fan out and allow your volumizing or lengthening mascara to coat every last lash to make it even more effective. So even though it may not seem like an important tool to have in your beauty arsenal, trust me when I say a lash curler is the best way to get length and volume fast, without messing around with eyelash extensions or false lashes.

But if you’ve been intimidated by holding a metal clamp so close to your eye or you’re just not sure which curler is best (or worth the money), I totally get it and I’ve been there. So I chatted with two makeup artists to determine how exactly to choose, use, and take care of an eyelash curler—and I also found the best ones for you to snag right now. Let’s dive in.

The lash pad, says Vincent, is one of the most important components of an eyelash curler. Think of the difference between the zigzag hair crimpers of the ’90s versus the round, deep waver clamps of today. A lash pad that’s too soft will allow the metal clamp to press into your lashes too hard, leaving you with a sharp, almost 90-degree angle in your lashes (à la the ’90s hair crimp). But a firmer lash pad that has just enough cushion will allow the clamp to create that soft curve without denting the center of your lashes. The result? Fluttery, curved lashes.

Vincent recommends looking for metal-framed eyelash curlers. “I believe in buying once and buying well,” she says. “The metal curlers will last longer than plastic, and they won’t break as easily.” Once you find your perfect metal eyelash clamp (more on that below), all you’ll need to do is keep it clean and replace the lash pad every few months to year, depending on how often you curl your lashes—which you can easily get on Amazon.

Let’s dive into the best eyelash curlers. And if you’re just looking for a few recs, here’s a peek at our top picks.

And now for the real breakdown. The 17 best eyelash curlers, straight ahead.

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