16 CC Creams We’re Completely Obsessed With


No filter needed, ever.

When it comes to beauty goals, the quest for a smooth and flawless, yet still natural-looking, complexion will never cease—but thankfully for all of us, full-coverage foundations aren’t the only option for faking it when your skin won’t behave. Color correction (aka CC) cream is a skincare-makeup hybrid that provides coverage while simultaneously tackling certain skincare issues.

In comparison to their little sister product, BB cream (which stands for beauty balm), CC creams offer more coverage and oftentimes also boast skin care benefits, such as smoothing out fine lines or wrinkles and fading discoloration.

“Traditional foundation is going to offer more a full coverage, whereas BB and CC creams tend to be sheer in their coverage,” explains celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern.

“CC creams tend to have a little more coverage than BB creams, and also some added nutrients, like anti-aging properties.”

In addition to offering beneficial ingredients and a sheer, natural-looking tint, many CC creams are also formulated with broad-spectrum sunscreen, which can essentially help you eliminate another step in your routine. Basically, CC creams combine a bunch of skin-boosting goodness into one lightweight and easy-to-use formula, which is what makes them “great for anyone who is looking for more out of their coverage,” Stern says.

To assist in your CC journey, we rounded up 16 editor-approved favorites you’ll surely fall in love with.

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