15 of the Best Bedroom Lights to Instantly Set the Mood


Nobody likes harsh overhead lighting—especially in the bedroom, where setting the mood is of utmost importance. If you’re looking for guidance when it comes to your bedroom lights, it’s important to keep a variety of factors in mind. Do you do a lot of reading in bed? Maybe table lamps should be your primary focus. Do you have enough fixtures to keep the space illuminated but not too bright? Perhaps a floor lamp or two will provide that glow for you. Are you spending most of your time winding down and heading to sleep? Try a night light or string lights for ambience! And, of course, you’ll want multiple light sources to get the look (and the vibe) just right. But don’t fret, we’ve combed the Clever home tour archives—and shopping lists—for the best bedroom lights around.

The Selah Lamp by Lagos-based Nifemi-Marcus Bello is a sidetable, floor lamp, and reading light all wrapped up into one raw steel package. Made in a factory that produces electrical power generators in Nigeria, you can even use it as a stool. The multi-functionality is endless.

Here’s a bright idea for you courtesy of Carla Lores. The Miami-based designer used the delicate frame and whimsical shape of a classic Mads Caprani floor lamp to lighten a room filled with otherwise heavy furniture pieces. Get your glow on.

Iterations of Isamu Noguchi’s Akari lamps have appeared in countless homes in recent years, from a minimalist Brooklyn brownstone to Troye Sivan’s modern Melbourne home. Don’t want to blow your whole home decor budget on mood lighting? We’ve also rounded up a few non-Noguchi paper lanterns to soften your lighting scheme.

The real showstopper of this FSC-certified wood lamp is the uniquely shaped LED light bulb, which is great to look at and easier on the environment thanks to its reduced energy use. The Knuckle is a perfect option for soft reading light at the side of the bed, and it’s also outfitted with a dimmer.

No matter what you’ve got on your bedside table, be sure to make room for the soft glow of the Ansel. Available in seven colorways that range from clear glass to our preferred tortoise shell, this isn’t an original Murano lamp, but it’ll suffice if you’re on a budget or not looking to chase down a vintage dealer on IG.

Featured above in this beautiful Barcelona bedroom, the Flos Bellhop table lamp is a great source of ambient light in a minimalist setting. These super portable LED lamps have four dimmer settings, are USB-compatible, and can last up to 24 hours on a single charge. And, if you love the simple glass shape, they’re also available as outdoor wall sconces.

Speaking of sconces: If you’re seeking lighting fixtures that don’t require a whole lot of installation, give these plug-in sconces with a swing arm a whirl. They simply require drilling into the wall–no rewiring required.

In what may be the most magical purple bedroom we’ve ever seen—belonging to none other than the London designer Rachel Chudley—lighting of all shapes and sizes supports the full look. The metallic sconces and moon-and-star motif on the glass pendant designed by the English Lamp Company are a complete masterclass in material and shapes.

Made in Rwanda out of natural sisal and sweetgrass fibers, these brightly colored pendants—sold individually—from Jungalow will serve as accent lighting whether or not your room is illuminated.

This super affordable shade from IKEA has also made appearances in many a home. From the Philadelphia bedroom of magazine founder Zoë Rayn Evans to the Milan kitchen of fashion designer JJ Martin, it has global appeal and approval.

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