12 Perfectly Romantic Getaways in New England for the Boo’d Up


I can see it now: It’s Thursday night, and you and your boo have just spent another evening eating takeout in front of the TV. Don’t get me wrong, these nights can be amazing. I mean, you’re casual, you’re in good company, and you don’t need to wear pants with buttons—the dream, essentially.

But, I also recognize that sometimes the couch doesn’t cut it. Whether you have an anniversary on the horizon or are just needing some extra special bonding time, a change of scenery can be a game-changer. Well lucky for you, these United States are home to some of the most romantic getaways on the market. Nope, we’re not talking New York or Hawaii. We’re talking good old New England.

ICYMI, New England is a region in the Northeast that includes six states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. From their quaint, antique charm to their incredible beaches, every New England state promises a vacation that’ll make you and your partner feel like the rom-com characters you truly are. Plus, because New England is known for its distinct seasons—think gorgeous, snowy winters, picturesque, beachy summers, and the coziest postcard foliage moments in the fall—you’re guaranteed a fab time no matter the time of year.

The region’s popularity can definitely lead to some high price tags for sure, but we’ve curated a list of 12 adorable inns and romantic getaways in New England that will keep your wallet intact (there’s also a splurge or two in there if you’re in that kinda mood). Ok, happy planning!

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